Armenia to accept Baku’s demands on transit, border delimitation issues - Stratfor

Armenia will accept Baku's demands on transit and border delimitation issues, says Stratfor analytical center's report on forecasts for 2024.

The center analysts said that Yerevan will continue efforts to sign a peace agreement with Baku, but disagreements on terms regarding regional transit corridors will continue to hinder negotiations.

"Presumably, Armenia and Azerbaijan have made headway toward negotiating a peace accord. Armenia, on the other hand, plans to leverage its expanding political connections with the West, as well as its military support, against Baku. Given that Yerevan has limited leverage points, it will accept Baku's demands for transit lines through southern Armenia and boundary demarcation.," the report added.

Proposed by the Azerbaijani side, the Zangezur Corridor aims to establish a transportation link between Azerbaijan's mainland and its exclave, Nakhchivan, passing through Armenian territory. This corridor emerged as part of the above-mentioned trilateral statement signed by Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Russian leaders following the 2020 second Karabakh war.

One point of the agreement outlined Armenia's commitment to ensuring the security of transport connections to Nakhchivan, facilitating the unrestricted movement of people, vehicles, and goods in both directions.

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