"Armenia supports terror on state level" - Azerbaijani MP

"Armenia supports terrorism on state level."

The European institutions, the Council of Europe and PACE should not let the double standards in fight against terrorism, Azerbaijani MP Ganira Pashayeva said in her speech in PACE session, AzVision.az reports. 

Azerbaijani MP stated that "Armenia supports terrorism on state level" and called PACE to take serious measures against a country which declares terrorists as heroes and erects monuments in memory of them." 

She noted that, a few years ago Armenian-supported terrorist acts happened in Azerbaijan. Subways, buses and trains became targets of terrorists. Dozens of Azerbaijanis were killed, injured and became disabled. However, terrorists who planned and organized those acts were protected by the Armenian Government and those terror related people still hide in Armenia.

Though, hundreds of Azerbaijani citizens and children became victims of Armenian-supported terrorism, our voice and challenges were not heard in the PACE and other European countries. Unfortunately, we could not get satisfactory support from you in fight against terrorism. 

When the terrorist acts happened in any part of Europe, in London, Paris or Brussels we have always condemned terrorism and had shared your grief. Furthermore, we stated that we stand with you in fight against terrorism. We expect the same attitude to us from the European countries regarding terrorist acts perpetrated against us. This is our right to call and demand. 


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