Armenia should realize that it will have to pay compensation to Azerbaijan in the future - expert

Those who today calculate the damage of Armenia from the Second Karabakh War should also calculate the damage caused to the republic by its former authorities, who for three decades have spent huge amounts of money to maintain the occupation of the territories of Azerbaijan and lead the country into regional isolation by their occupation policy.

Deputy Director General of the Russian Federal Information-Analytical Agency "Vestnik Kavkaza" Andrey Petrov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az.

Thus, a number of Armenian mass media outlets reported about $38 billion losses of Armenia in the war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

The expert also notes: "It is interesting that this amount included the facilities on the territory of Azerbaijan, which have been illegally exploited by Armenia since the 90s, although in fact, they have never belonged to the Armenian state or Armenian citizens. And their use should actually be taken into account as the damage suffered by Azerbaijan during the entire Karabakh War. Otherwise, the assessment is probably close to reality and shows that during the Second Karabakh War, Armenia lost more than its annual budget, and this is only a preliminary calculation, in the future the amount of losses can increase."

Petrov believes that Armenia must also realize that in the future it will have to compensate Azerbaijan for the damage caused during the occupation of its territories.

"Therefore, at present, the country needs to worry not about the struggle for power, but to find ways to grow the economy, one of which is the unblocking of transport communications and the beginning of full economic cooperation in the region," he concluded.


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