Armenia proceeds with notorious policy of terrorism against Azerbaijan - MFA spokesman

Terrorism is continuation of notorious policy and action of military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, Aykhan Hajizada, Spokesman for Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, wrote on his Twitter page, News.z reports.

Commenting upon Armenian PM Nikos Pashinyan's meeting with one of the representatives of the former OSCE Minsk Group, which has not delivered any results in the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia during its thirty-year existence, Hajizada reminded Pashinyan, who was saying during the meeting that "Azerbaijan continues the actions of terrorizing the Armenian population", that Armenia, in fact, proceeds with its terroristic policy against Azerbaijan, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of which Pashinyan has recognized, by transferring military personnel, weaponry, landmines, and killing civilians.

Meanwhile, on the morning of March 5, in order to verify the information received, Azerbaijani Army units attempted to detain and inspect vehicles engaged in illegal military transportation. Fire was opened from the Armenian side, and as a result of the shoot-out, there were dead and wounded on the both sides.

Following yesterday's provocation from the Armenian side, Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said that such acts of aggression demonstrate that Armenia has not abandoned its occupation policy towards Azerbaijan, that Armenia’s statements regarding the peace agenda are nothing but hypocrisy, and that Armenia is not interested in establishing peace and security in the region.

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