Armenia President receives PM, government resigns

President Armen Sarkissian of Armenia on Monday received Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan and accepted the government’s resignation, Sarkissian’s aide, Hasmik Pe

Under the Constitution, the government submits its resignation on the day when the newly elected President takes office—that is, on Monday—and the President accepts this resignation.

Subsequently, the National Assembly (NA) factions can nominate candidates for the new Prime Minister, and within seven days.

The PM is elected by a majority vote of the total number of deputies, and by open voting.

But the serving Premier and the ministers will remain acting until the formation of a new government.

Pursuant to the NA constitutional law, the PM’s election will take place at the special parliament session—in this case, on April 17.

The new government of Armenia shall be formed within fifteen days after the appointment of the new Prime Minister.

The new government will comprise the Prime Minister, First Deputy Prime Minister, two deputy prime ministers, and seventeen ministers. There will no longer be a Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms.

The government shall be considered to be formed if at least two-thirds of its members have been appointed.

The appointed government members shall take a respective oath at the Presidential Residence, and in the presence of the President.

As of Monday, Armenia will completely pass to a parliamentary system of governance, according to which the PM will be the top official in the country.


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