Armenia is trying to sabotage the agreements through provocations - Israeli expert

Provocations from the Armenian side, in particular, subversive attacks on Azerbaijani territory will not cease in the near future.

Yuri Bocharov, an Israeli political analyst, made the due remark in an interview with News.Az while speaking about provocations of the Armenian side in the direction of the Kelbajar region of the state border.

"Another redistribution of power is taking place in Armenia. In this connection, all the candidates for new dictatorships are ready to use any means to undermine the reputation of their rivals and to gain at least some credibility in the eyes of their people. They do not avoid any means, including all kinds of provocations, even at the cost of human lives. Many politicians in Armenia are not satisfied with the agreement reached with Azerbaijan, which is, in their understanding, the agreement on full surrender. Therefore, many are trying either to torpedo a number of points on its implementation or through provocations, to disrupt its implementation in general," he said.

According to the expert, as the practice of such confrontations shows, the stricter Azerbaijan's response to such provocations, the faster they will go down.


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