Armenia is, first of all, to blame for catastrophic coronavirus-related situation in Armenian-populated part of Karabakh - Russian expert

To my mind, attempts of the separatist leaders in Karabakh to draw the attention of international humanitarian organizations to the catastrophic situation related to the coronavirus will be disrupted, international conflict expert Yevgeny Mikhailov told News.Az.

Mikhailov expressed his opinion, commenting on the news that an extremely high rate of disease is being recorded in the Armenian-populated part of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

"Russian peacekeepers can easily provide control over the spread of the epidemic and check local residents for the presence of the coronavirus, and also provide assistance. Maybe Azerbaijan will also help its future residents. But no one will allow, under well-intentioned pretexts, to let incomprehensible organizations there. Armenian separatists will not involve the Red Cross. Under this guise, they want to attract completely other organizations, which will be involved in destructive activities on the territory of Karabakh. So, it's all empty talks," the expert said.

 "Armenia is, first of all, to blame for the catastrophic situation because there is absolute lack of sanitation, lack of access to normal living conditions, lack of electricity, water, proper medical examination. All this has led to such a disastrous situation," Mikhailov said.


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