Armenia in ‘difficult political, economic situation’ – Israeli expert

The defeat of Armenia in the Second Karabakh War is similar to the collapse of Germany in the First World War, Mikhail Finkel, an Israeli lawyer and expert in international law and politics, told News.Az.

Currently, Armenia is in a difficult political and economic situation, the expert said, noting that “revanchists and Nazis, who promise to win, strive to come to power in the country.”

Finkel stressed that certain forces in Armenia quickly forgot about those who brought the country and its army to such a state before Nikol Pashinyan came to power.

“The political elites in Armenia want to put their sins on him [Pashinyan]. However, former Armenian presidents Kocharyan and Sargsyan, as well as others, are responsible for all this. Now it is easy to blame everything on Pashinyan, and it will be beneficial for everyone,” he added.


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