Antagonism has historically existed between Yerevan and Karabakh Armenians - historian Kuznetsov

"There were traditional misunderstanding and antagonism between the two branches - Yerevan and Karabakh Armenians," Russian historian, author of the monograph "State policy of glorification of Nazism in Armenia" Oleg Kuznetsov told News.Az.

"Thus, when the so-called Karabakh clan came to power in Armenia, the Armenians in Yerevan believed that the country was occupied by Karabakh Armenians. And what is happening now in Armenia is nothing but the liberation of the Yerevan Armenians from the power of the Karabakh clan. And Nikol Pashinyan, having signed an agreement with Russia and Azerbaijan, fulfilled one of his longstanding intentions - to eliminate the Karabakh problem and give Armenia an opportunity to develop normally," the historian summed up.


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