Another 22 families resettled in Azerbaijan’s Aghali, given keys to their houses

As part of the next stage of the Great Return, on August 12, 22 families consisting of 106 people were met in the village of Agali, who were resettled from Baku to the Agali vilage of Zangilan district, reports.

Residents in the "smart village" were met by employees of the special representation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of the Jabrayil, Gubadli and Zangilan districts, which are part of the East Zangezur economic region.

Then the heads of families of the Agali residents were given the keys to their houses.

Thus, until today, a permanent settlement in the Aghali village has been provided for 108 families - 526 people. The majority of resettled former internally displaced persons are mostly citizens living in the most difficult conditions.

The resettled families will be provided with jobs in accordance with their professional qualifications and skills. They will work in various government agencies, catering facilities, construction companies, garment factories and other places.

All infrastructure conditions have been created for the resettled population - a public service center, a school, a kindergarten, a bank, a post office, catering facilities and other facilities.

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