ANAMA teams find missiles, ammunition in Shusha (PHOTO)

On January 4-13, 2021, special emergency operational teams of the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) in close cooperation with the specialists from the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry conducted special search operational mission in Shusha city, the Agency said.

During the search operations, 13 missiles, 16 pieces of mortar shells, 15 pieces of hand grenades, 1 piece of an anti-aircraft artillery shell, 48 pieces of explosives, 2 pieces of 9N235 bombs, 1 piece of hunting gun, 10 pieces of submachine gun combs, 7 584 pieces of different caliber of small arms ammunitions, 1 piece of bayonet, 4 pieces of anti-personnel mines (OZM-160), 400 g explosives (TNT), 1 piece of tubular explosive (100 m) and 4 pieces of parachute part of  9M528 missiles were found and transported to the territory allocated for neutralization purposes.

The area of 200 000 sq.m (20 hectares) were inspected for military ordnance.


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