Ambassador: There is huge potential for Azerbaijan-Pakistan cooperation

Both Pakistan and Azerbaijan, share common historical past and religious affinity but bilateral trade is far below our potential, the ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan, Sajid Khan Mohmand told  

“To boost economic relations a special working group has been established between the Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan and Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan on the development of bilateral investment cooperation. As we all know, Azerbaijan is one of the largest producers of oil and energy-related products, while Pakistan is one of the largest consumer markets for these products. Both states had signed an agreement of cooperation wherein Azerbaijan will support Pakistan’s security energy needs. There is also an ongoing dialogue between Pakistan and Azerbaijan related to the import of LNG from Azerbaijan”.

He mentioned that there is huge potential and both countries can do joint ventures especially in the sectors including sports goods, leather industry, pharmaceutical, the energy production of lightweight agriculture equipment, and value addition in agriculture products.


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