Albanian-Udi Christian Community returns to Khudavang monastery in Kalbajar (VIDEO)

Members of the Albanian-Udi Christian Community visited the Khudavang monastery, which is located in the Kalbajar district liberated from Armenian occupation.

The priests made divine services at the monastery. The community’s Deputy Chairman Rafik Danakari was appointed the monastery’s preacher. The chairman of the Albanian-Udi Christian community of Azerbaijan, Robert Mobili, noted that the community owes to the Azerbaijani martyrs for returning to these places.

"Kalbajar is not just a place for us, but also home to many Albanian churches. Today we are in the Khudavang monastery as the heirs of the Albanian church, performing divine services here," he said.

The sanctuary in Kalbajar belonged to the Albanians who participated in the ethnogenesis of the Azerbaijani people.

Kalbajar district was liberated from Armenian occupation following the 44-day war on Nov.25, 2020.

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