Aftershocks still continue after 6.0 magnitude quake in Aghdam

“It is impossible to predict the earthquake. What is known in advance is that Azerbaijan territory is a seismic area and earthquake may occur any time.”

Spokesperson for the Republican Seismic Survey Center (RSSC) of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Vusala Rafiqqizi told Report that the aftershocks of 6.0 mainshock recorded in Aghdam at 23:48 November 16 still continue: “As tremors still continue, we can’t say their total number. Most aftershocks are not felt, they happen to be close to 3.0 magnitude.”

Spokesperson said that aftershocks may last from several days to even a month: “Yesterday’s mainshock was strong. But it was not destructive. The destruction of structures that were built without adhering to construction regulations is understandable. Azerbaijan is located in a seismic zone, happening of tremors in the country any time is normal.”


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