Africa's coronavirus cases surpass 3.89 million

The number of coronavirus cases in Africa reached 3,897,390, says the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its update on Monday.

At least 108,712 people died of complications related to the virus, it said, while 3,476,050 patients have recuperated.

With 1.8 million cases, Southern Africa has been by far the hardest hit followed by North Africa that recorded 1.2 million, East Africa 405,800, West Africa 389,800, and Central Africa 104,000.

At least 56,400 people died in Southern Africa, 32,900 in North Africa, 7,600 in East Africa, 5,000 in West Africa, and 1,800 in Central Africa.

Of the five geographic regions in the continent, Southern Africa recorded the most number of recoveries standing at 1.7 million.

North Africa saw 1 million people recovered, West Africa 352,200, East Africa 318,200, and Central Africa 88,300.


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