(Ad) Azercell announces the "I Promise" social campaign in cooperation with the Azerbaijan Judo Federation (VIDEO)

The next stage of the large-scale project is dedicated to the struggle against bullying

“Azercell Teleсom” LLC and the Azerbaijan Judo Federation (AJF) are starting “I Promise” campaign,the next stage of the social project which consists of a series of events and initiatives. UNESCO member states have declared the first Thursday of November as the International Day against Bullying, Cyberbullying and Violence in Schools . The launch of the "I Promise" social campaign is also timed to coincide with this day. In addition to increasing interest in sports in theand promoting a healthy lifestyle in society, the project addresses the problem of bullying, which is relevant among young people and adolescents at the global level.

İntentional and repeated aggressive behaviors that cause bullying of teenagers have a negative impact on their education and life. To prevent bullying the"I Promise" social campaign teaches children and adults that bullying is a harmful behavior, whether in personal communication or on digital platforms.

Azercell and AJF call on young people and the whole society to avoid bullying and to respect values such as friendship, courtesy, and courage. Famous judokas, athletes, as well as socially active people joined this challenge.

As part of the campaign, educational activities will be carried out in judo training centers and among schoolchildren. Children will be given certificates and wristbands to unite around the voluntary anti-bullying movement.

We promise we will continue to treat people with respect, always, and everywhere!


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