Action plan on regulation of labor relations prepared

Protecting the labor rights of citizens, meeting the financial and social demands of workers and ensuring a decent standard of living remains the priority of socio-economic policy of the country.

Azerbaijani Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Salim Muslimov said on June 29 that the plan of actions to further regulate labor relations will be submitted to the Presidential Administration for consideration and approval next week, AzerNews reports.

"At the last meeting of the Commission for the Regulation and Coordination of Labor Relations, the action plan was considered," the minister said. "The secretariat will prepare the last version of the plan in the coming days, taking into account all proposals and changes and will present it to the chairman and members of the Commission." 

Muslimov noted that one of the priority areas for today is to strengthen the capacity of the State Labor Inspectorate Service under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan, which covers several areas.

"It is necessary to carry out constant work to create healthy relations between employers and employees, increase the literacy of the population in the sphere of their labor rights and duties and to ensure the transition to electronic audit and improve skills of employees of the State Labor Inspectorate Service, strengthen their material and technical base,” Muslimov noted.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed an order in March 2017 on additional measures in connection with the regulation of labor relations in the country.

The order was signed to further strengthen the social protection of employees in the country, improve the registration of employer-employee relations, mechanisms for monitoring the organization of labor payment and ensure effective protection of other labor rights and guarantees of participants in labor relations and implementation of policies coordinated between state bodies in this field.

To achieve these goals, the Commission for the Regulation and Coordination of Labor Relations was established, in accordance with the order. Vice-Premier of Azerbaijan Ali Ahmadov was appointed chairman of the Commission.

Earlier, Ahmadov noted that the Azerbaijani government is doing all its best to prevent illegal employment in the country.

He added that currently, the majority of people working without labor contracts are engaged in the construction sector.

Illegal employment allows workers to deviate from fulfilling a number of obligations - payment of taxes, social contributions and etc., according to him.

Meanwhile, the number of concluded labor contracts increased by 21,350 since early 2017, whilst in some areas there was a reduction. Thus, in the financial and insurance sectors, the number of labor contracts fell by 1,196 units, in the sphere of recreation, entertainment and art by 8,771 units.


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