A meeting with representatives of Karabakh's Armenian origin residents in Yevlakh was agreed upon, but at the last moment the Armenians violated the agreements - MFA

A spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizade has commented on the remarks in the article published by the Russian Kommersant newspaper, the ministry told APA.

"Thanks to the efforts of international partners, there recently was an agreement on the use of the Aghdam-Khankandi road by the ICRC for the transportation of goods, and 24 hours later on further intensification of the crossing from the Lachin road through the ICRC.

Moreover, based on the Azerbaijani side’s proposition, a meeting to be held in Yevlakh between representatives of the Azerbaijani side and representatives of Armenian residents living in Garabagh was agreed upon and all the logistic issues were concluded.

Despite all these agreements, the representatives of Armenian residents of Azerbaijan’s Garabah region broke the agreements at the last minute.

Their and Armenia’s disruptive activities which turn this issue into a political manipulation tool again show that the opposite side is not interested in peace and stability and also dialogue in this direction.

Additionally, the mentioned steps once again prove the humanitarian claims are baseless and serve in intensifying the situation in the region," Aykhan Hajizade said.

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