57 wells of 'Azneft' PU launched in March after overhaul

In March 2017 year, 90 major and 1.567 current repairs have been carried out in the wells, belonging to the “Azneft” Production Union.

Report informs citing SOCAR that forecasts were implemented by 103.4% and 106.8%, respectively, 57 wells were put into operation. Totally, 21 433,4 tons of oil and over 15 mln cum gas produced from these wells.
Last month, 6 wells of "28 May" OGPD were overhauled and launched, additional 12.892 tons of oil, 11.191 mln cum gas and 607 tons of condensate were produced. 7 of overhauled 16 wells at "Neft Daşları” (Oil Rocks) OGPO put into operation, 5.109 tons of oil produced from these wells. Totally, 45 wells of N.Narimanov, H.Z.Taghiyev, A.J.Amirov, “Abşeronneft”, “Bibiheybətneft” Oil and Gas Production Departments as well as of “Qaz Anbarlarının İstismarı” (Gas Storage Exploitation) Departments were majorly repaired, additional 3.432,4 tons of oil produced.


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