50-60 childhood cancer cases annually registered in Armenia

About 50-60 children are annually diagnosed with cancer in Armenia, a report by the World Health Organization has found.

The findings were published on the organization’s website to bring an international attention to the problem ahead of the February 15 World Cancer Day, tert.am reports.

On the global level, 215,000 new cases of the disease are registered among children aged below 15. The average annual among teenagers (15-19 years old) is about 85,000. WHO specialists guarantee a full recovery in 80% of cases in case of a timely diagnosis and treatment. In Armenia, that rate is within the range of 65%-70%, according to a press release by the Ministry of Health.  

Three medical institutions in the country – Fanarjyan National Oncology Center, Yeolyan Haematology Center and the chemotherapy clinic at the State Medical University hospital “Muratsan” – diagnose and organize the treatment of children suffering from malignant tumors.


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