31 mines found in the area in Fuzuli, where is believed to be mass grave

“After Kalbajar’s Bashlibel and Khojavand’s Edilli villages, now, demining works are being conducted in Fuzuli’s Ashaghi Seyidahmedli village for revealing mass grave. The site has extremely been mined,” a representative of the Demining Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) carrying out the demining process in Isigli village of Fuzuli Vusal Guliyev told foreign travelers, who visited the area, News.az reports.

“It is likely that Armenia predicted the location of this mass grave would be revealed sooner or later, therefore, they mined above and around the mass grave in order to cover the war crime that it committed, and cause the death of those who search the remains of their loved ones. This style belongs to war crimes committed by Armenia. Even ordinary cemeteries, graves were mined, bones of people were removed, gold teeth were searched from the graves in the liberated areas.”

ANAMA representatives informed international travelers that over the past 10 days, 31 anti-tank mines were found in Ashaghi Seyidahmedli village, where is believed to be a mass grave. demining activities have been carried out on only 0.17 hectares of the 4-hectare area marked here, i.e. 4.2% of the total area.


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