300 children suffer from blood cancer in Azerbaijan

"More than 6,000 laboratory tests were performed to diagnose leukemia."

According to director of the Research Institute of Hematology and Transfusiology of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Zohra Alimirzayeva these include hematological, cytological, biochemical, immunological and molecular-genetic studies.

The director noted that malignant blood diseases are one of the urgent problems of modern medicine:

"This urgency is due to their complexity, social significance, wide spread, severe clinical course and high mortality rate. Of all the deaths from malignant tumors, 6-10% is due to malignant blood diseases. "

Alimirzayeva said that high rates (50%) of this group of diseases in the structure of deaths from malignant tumors among children and youth draw special attention:

"One of the most disturbing factors is that leukemia, along with infectious diseases, is one of the main causes of death among children under 15 years old. According to statistics, today Azerbaijan accounts for 2,500 patients with a diagnosis of malignant blood disease including 300 children."


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