3 years pass since liberation of Khudafarin bridges and Khudafarin village from occupation

Three years have passed since the liberation of the Khudafarin village of the Jabrayil region from the Armenian occupation, News.az reports.

The Azerbaijani Army liberated the historical Khudafarin bridges and Khudafarin village from the occupation on the 22nd day of the Patriotic War, starting on September 27, 2020, - on October 18, 2020.

On that day, the Azerbaijani Army put an end to the occupation of the Hajili and Haji Isagli villages of the Jabrayil region. Armenians have also destroyed the Khudafarin village and laid it waste like other territories, demolishing houses, administrative buildings, and all buildings during about 30 years of occupation.

The liberation of the Khudafarin bridges and the Khudafarin villages from occupation is considered a significant event of the Patriotic War. Liberation of the Khudafarin bridges, which have played an important role in the history and fate of the Azerbaijani people, has increased the confidence of the Azerbaijani Army to victory and has been one of the important factors that led to both the military and psychological defeat of the enemy.

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