23 years pass from terror in Baku metro

An electric train was blown up between the "The 28th of May" and "Gandjlik" stations of the Baku subway.

As a result of the terror attack, 13 people were killed and 42 passengers injured, AzVision reports.

A citizen of Azerbaijan Azer Aslanov was arrested in Moscow upon the explosion in electric train between stations "Ganjlik" and "May 28". He was extradited to Azerbaijan on November 29, 1997.

In 1998, Aslan showed that he was instructed to commit a terror attack being during his captivity from Armenian writer, Zori Balayan. Court sentenced the terrorist to life imprisonment. The investigation revealed that the instructors of a terrorist act were members of the special services of Armenia Colonel Karen Baghdasaryan and captain Seyran Sargsyan.

Based on Aslanov's statements, a criminal case was opened against Balayan. In 1999, on the basis of the General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan, Interpol announced him as a dangerous criminal, and then the Prosecutor's office of Azerbaijan put him on the international wanted list in the CIS countries.

Upon a request from Armenia, Interpol excluded Balayan from the list of wanted persons.


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