16.8% of Georgian adult population fully vaccinated as of Sep. 6

A total of 480,613 people are completely vaccinated in Georgia which amounts to 16.8 per cent of the country’s adult population as of September 6, Georgia's National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announces. 

845,420 individuals (29.6 per cent of the country's adult population) have received at least one dose of vaccine, agenda.ge reports.

About 1,400,000 vaccines have been administered in Georgia so far. Deputy Health Minister Tamar Gabunia states that it ‘is close to half of (the Georgian government’s) target benchmark,’ which aims to administer 3,400,000 vaccinations by the end of the year.  

She also said that the current rate of vaccination is not enough to curb the spread of the virus. 

"16,000 vaccines were administered yesterday, which is a low rate, while in the past few days we had more than 23,000 vaccines administered every day... For rapid immunity formation, it is important to administer at least 30,000 vaccines daily,” Gabunia said. 


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