14 female inmates released in Azerbaijan under president's pardon order

Fourteen people have been released from the women’s prison No.4 in Azerbaijan upon the pardon order signed by the country’s president on March 17.

Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) Elmira Suleymanova and Deputy Head of the Penitentiary Service Huseyn Alikhanov also took part in the execution of the pardon order.
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed an order on March 16 pardoning 423 people.
Under the order, 412 people, sentenced to imprisonment, have been freed from serving the remainder of their prison sentences.
Life imprisonment for two people was replaced with 25-year and 15-year imprisonment sentences.
Four people were freed from conditional sentence.
Moreover, one person was freed from correctional labor and three people were freed from fines.
After reviewing appeals from a number of convicts, their family members, the Commissioner for Human Rights, organizations for human rights, addressed to the president of Azerbaijan, the pardon decision was made proceeding from the principles of humanism, taking into account the personality, health condition, marital status of the convicts and their behavior while serving their sentences, according to the presidential order.
The order comes into force from the date of its signing.



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