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Art lovers face Louvre lock-out as staff join pension strike

2020.01.18 20:10 GMT

Tourists were turned away from the Louvre on Friday as striking staff blocked the entrance to the world’s most-visited museum, Reuters reports.

'You have not seen anything yet,' climate activist Greta says ahead of Davos

2020.01.17 19:32 GMT

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg marched with 10,000 protesters in the Swiss city of Lausanne on Friday and said “you have not seen anything yet” before some head to Davos next week to challenge the global financial elite to fight climate change, Reuters reports.

Canada to provide families of Ukraine plane crash victims $25,000 for each who died – Trudeau

2020.01.17 18:02 GMT

The Canadian government will provide the families of the Ukrainian plane crash victims 25,000 dollars for each of those who died, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, adding that Ottawa expects that Tehran will repay the compensation.

Trump: "I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!"

2020.01.17 20:38 GMT

"I just got impeached for making a perfect phone call!", exclaimed the US president Donald Trump via Twitter, Sputniknews reports.

Countries demand Iran compensate relatives of plane-crash victims

2020.01.16 19:13 GMT

Five countries whose citizens died when Iran shot down an airliner last week said on Thursday that Tehran should pay compensation to families of the victims, and warned that the world is watching for its response, Reuters reports.

Pope names first woman to senior Vatican diplomatic post

2020.01.15 18:08 GMT

Pope Francis on Wednesday named the first woman to hold a high-ranking post in the Secretariat of State, the male-dominated Vatican’s diplomatic and administrative nerve center.

Blast and huge fire at Spanish chemical factory

2020.01.15 20:25 GMT

An explosion at a factory in Spain's autonomous Catalonia region has caused a huge fire, local officials say, APA reports citing BBC.

Canada to decide on paying Harry, Meghan's security costs

2020.01.14 19:10 GMT

The Canadian government has yet to decide whether it will assume the security costs associated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to split their time between Canada and Britain, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday, according to Daily Sabah.

Trump expected at Davos meeting this month: WEF

2020.01.14 18:30 GMT

U.S. President Donald J. Trump is set to participate in the 50th-anniversary meeting of political and business leaders being held at Davos from Jan 21-24, the World Economic Forum (WEF) said on Tuesday, Reuters reports.

WHO says new China coronavirus could spread, warns hospitals worldwide

2020.01.14 17:27 GMT

There may have been the limited human-to-human transmission of a new coronavirus in China within families, and it is possible there could be a wider outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

US imposes fresh sanctions on N Korea

2020.01.14 16:45 GMT

US government moved to impose a fresh round of sanctions against North Korea as the talks between the two countries regarding the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula have stalled, APA reports.

Four wounded in attack on Iraqi military base that houses U.S. forces

2020.01.13 19:44 GMT

Four people were wounded on Sunday in an attack on Balad airbase in northern Iraq which houses U.S. personnel, Reuters.

Libya talks in Moscow progress but fail to get ceasefire deal: Russian foreign minister

2020.01.13 17:25 GMT

Talks aimed at agreeing an unconditional and open-ended ceasefire in Libya failed to achieve a breakthrough on Monday despite making good progress, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters, Reuters reports.

Koalas, wallabies endangered by Australia bushfires 'ecological disaster'

2020.01.13 17:13 GMT

The Australian government committed A$50 million ($34.58 million) to an emergency wildlife recovery program on Monday, calling the bushfires crisis engulfing the country “an ecological disaster” that threatens several species, including koalas and rock wallabies.

Meghan returns to Canada as British royals seek to solve Harry rift

2020.01.10 19:18 GMT

Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, has gone back to Canada to be with their son after the couple provoked a rift with Britain’s royal family by unexpectedly announcing they would be stepping back from their roles to spend more time in North America.

Australia closes several embassies due to “extremely harmful air pollution”

2020.01.10 18:12 GMT

Australia's wildfires have led to the closure of a number of embassies in the Canberra capital, where local authorities have threatened to smoke in the area over the weekend due to hot and windy weather, the Financial Times reports.

US slaps new anti-Iran sanctions

2020.01.10 16:26 GMT

The United States is introducing additional sanctions on Iran in retaliation to the attack on the US military in Iraq earlier this week, US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin said at a press briefing in Washington, DC, APA reports citing Sputnik.

UK lawmakers back EU exit deal, turning page on Brexit crisis

2020.01.09 18:53 GMT

Lawmakers approved legislation on Thursday which will allow Britain to leave the European Union on Jan. 31 with an exit deal, ending more than three years of tumult over the terms of the unprecedented divorce.

Oscars to go host-less for second year

2020.01.09 20:45 GMT

The 2020 Oscars ceremony in February will again have no host, the head of ABC Television Entertainment said on Wednesday.

UK's Prince Harry and wife Meghan to 'step back' from being senior royals

2020.01.08 19:33 GMT

Britain’s Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, said on Wednesday that he and his American wife Meghan plan to step back from their roles as senior members of Britain’s royal family and work to become financially independent.

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