Turkish parliament discusses Khojaly genocide

Wed 29 Feb 2012 01:53 GMT | 05:53 Local Time

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At the Turkish Grand National Assembly held discussion on the 20th anniversary of Khojaly genocide, APA reports.

A deputy from Igdir, honorary chairman of the Azerbaijani centers in Turkey Sinan Ogan, speaking at the meeting raised the question of recognition by the TGNA Khojaly tragedy as genocide.

Ogan said that 20 years ago in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, there was a most terrible tragedy of the past 100 years. "Last Sunday, millions of people throughout Turkey took to the streets to express compassion for the victims of this tragedy. However, we are representing the will of millions of people still have not made a decision on this matter. Even half of those tears that were shed for the Gaza Strip have been shed for the victims of genocide in Khojaly. Of course, we must take care of the Gaza Strip, but the Khojaly deserve the same treatment”, - he said.

The deputy noted that 20 years after the first parliamentary committee on foreign relations, and then a parliamentary friendship group of Azerbaijan and Turkey expressed their position on this issue. "I think the time has come to Parliament to decide on this matter. Mexico and Pakistan recognized the events in Khojaly as an act of genocide. If we say that the joy and pain of Azerbaijan is our joy and pain, then as one people, the Parliament should recognize Khojaly massacre as genocide, "the deputy said.

Ogan said that it was necessary to give a historical and political assessment to genocide against the Turks.

Following the discussions held by the Turkish government, the Minister for Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergun. According to him 20 years ago, committed atrocities against the civilian population of Khojaly is a shame on the conscience of mankind. That night, included in Khojaly of the Armenian army, knowing that they face no military, but nevertheless destroyed all who got in their way. Thus, the concept of the story have been violated and justice. Were killed 613 civilians. And still the world shows indifference to the tragedy", - he said.

The Minister noted that Azerbaijan and Turkey are two brotherly countries. Khojaly massacre is a crime against humanity. So the world should learn a lesson from this tragedy. Some countries would have instead of what would have to delve into the events of the past, ask about the way and give an assessment of what happened before our very eyes", - he said.

The minister stressed that Turkey will take all that would like Khojaly tragedy is not repeated.

Ergun expressed support for the efforts of the Azerbaijani government for the peaceful settlement of Karabakh conflict.

Speaking of The Republican People’s Party Ozgyunduz Ali said that the crimes committed in Khojaly fall under the 2nd article of the UN Convention on genocide. Armenian troops on 26 February 1992 killed 613 innocent people who tried to escape in Aghdam were brutally murdered. In Khojaly was carried out ethnic cleansing. And this is not the first crime in Armenia. In 1918, in Baku killed 30 thousand Azerbaijanis. In those passages arrived in Baku, Nuru-Pasha rescued from the occupation of Baku. After Khojaly occupied Shusha, Lachin, Agdam, Gubadly, Zangelan, Fizuli, Gabriel. Rather than delve into the events of 1915 to relocate the Armenians, the international community should give a political assessment of the documented massacres, which occurred 20 years ago. We have no problem with the Armenian people, and there is a problem with the nationalist Armenian authorities, whose actions create problems for their own people. One of them is the president of Armenia, "he said. The MP expressed confidence that Azerbaijani lands are liberated, and the victims of Khojaly genocide never will be forgotten.

The deputy of the National Action Party Atilla Kaya noted that the crime was committed in Khojaly is most of the bloodiest sobytiy20 century. In 1988, the Armenian leadership to address the 250 thousand Azerbaijanis were expelled from Armenia. In the current instability in the South Caucasus blame predatory policy of the Armenian leadership. Along with Azerbaijan, Armenia puts territorial claims against neighboring Georgia and eastern Anatolia in Turkey.
A. Kaya said that the organizers of the Khojaly genocide is a former Armenian President Robert Kocharian and current President Serzh Sargsyan.

He quoted a passage from the book British journalist Thomas de Val "Black Garden" in which Serge Sargsyan acknowledged with pride in the leadership of the murder of civilians in Khojaly.
Kaya believes that the settlement of the Karabakh conflict is possible only if the release of Azerbaijani lands and refugees returning to their native towns and villages

In the discussion the chairman of the parliamentary friendship group Nedzhan Unuvar, MPs Yusuf Galachyoglu, Rashad Dogru, Ansar Oyut etc. They condemned the perpetrators of the Khojaly tragedy, and expressed their solidarity with Azerbaijan.





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