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Mon 23 Jul 2012 02:57 GMT | 06:57 Local Time

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New samples of civil, official and diplomatic passports of Azerbaijan, ratified by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan of 17 July 2012, have been made public.

In line with the documents description, as well as the indicated decree of the president, the civil, official and diplomatic passports of Azerbaijan meet the standards applied to the documents that can be decoded by special devices envisaged in document 9303 of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The new passports are 88 x 125 mm in size, the documents consist of four facial and 50 inner pages.

In line with the passport type, the samples of Azerbaijani passports can be of the following colors:

- Civil passport-dark green

-Official passport-dark blue

- Diplomatic passport-dark red

 ‘Biometric’ innovation

The main innovation of the Azerbaijani passports is that now they are biometric.

An appropriate sign indicating the presence of electronic media,  is placed on the cover of the passport, as well as over a photography of the holder inside the document.
Passports will have a special inscription, that can be decoded by the corresponding apparatus and that consists of two lines.

At the same time the second line, starting from the 29th character will contain a unique identification code of a citizen of


The 50th page of the passport also contains a special bar-code corresponding to the number of the passport.

The biometric passport looks different from the old passport with its special logo engraved on the cover for the identification of the electronic passport. The first page of the biometric passport is thicker than normal. It marked the setting data of the owner and his picture.

The first page of the biometric passport contains an electronic chip with a digital photo and data that are already included in the passport.

Advantage of new passports

The main advantage of biometric passports is that the border control in some countries has the equipment that reads the data from the microchip.

This procedure reduces the data entry of a person crossing the border to the border system. Now, in many countries where there is the control of electronic passports there are special lanes for travelers with electronic passports, all that moves much faster.

One of the features of biometric passports is that children cannot be included. A personal passport is done for every child at any age for traveling abroad.




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