Occupied land to be liberated, says Aliyev

Sat 12 Feb 2011 04:39 GMT | 08:39 Local Time

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On 10 February President Ilham Aliyev attended ceremony of commissioning a new residential quarter for 688 families of displaced persons in Goranboy.

165 families will be placed here at the first stage.

According to the official website for the Azerbaijani President, the president visited the house of the displaced person from the Khojaly region Sadagat Agayarova.

After familiarizing with the conditions, created in the flat, the head of the state talked to the family members at the tea table.

President Ilham Aliyev: “I congratulate you on moving to this house. There are all conditions here, all opportunities, this is a nice building. It is possible to live comfortably here. You deserve this, for long years you have been suffering from the occupational policy of Armenian aggressors, within many years you lived in disastrous buildings. And now our compatriots will live in these wonderful buildings, nice flats.

You know that the Azerbaijani state does much to improve the living conditions of the displaced persons. Buildings, individual houses are constructed every year. This policy will continue. We must do so that  our compatriots, still living in hard conditions, are moved to good houses. Certainly, this requires greater funds, great professionalism. As you know, the state program is being implemented. Azerbaijani state will further do everything possible to improve your state, since you deserve it, you lost your close people.

The Khojaly genocide is one of the biggest crimes of the 20th century. Unfortunately, those responsible for this crime have not yet been held accountable, but this day will come. I do not doubt and I am sure  that you will return to Khojaly. This is a temporary place of residence, but despite this we want conditions on the temporary place to be good”.

Ilham Aliyev also said Armenians tried to bring the distorted information about the Khojaly tragedy to the attention of the world community, making use of their opportunities abroad.

'Unfortunately, they managed this for many years. The world community was not informed about Khojaly. Making use of the smeary statements of some people from Azerbaijan, Armenians to a certain extent managed to create an absolutely false image of the Khojaly tragedy. But our policy, in particular, our activity abroad, bringing the truth of Khojaly to the world community have changed this situation almost fully. Today the world knows about Khojaly, there are quite well informed about the Khojaly tragedy. We hold campaign in all countries by means of both embassies and Heydar Aliyev Foundation. As is known, the Foundation is engaged actively in this issue.

The Youth forum of the Organization of Islamic Conference, created at our initiative, is also working actively on this issue. In this connection, books are published, different events are held in Islamic countries, as well as European countries, on all continents the truth about Khojaly is brought to the attention of the world community. The Khojaly genocide demonstrates Armenians atrocities. But I would like to repeat that the policy of double standards still exists in the world. Armenian lobby, world Armenians and their supporters are trying to lead Armenians out of this state.

And we will further strive to inform the world about Khojaly. Our opportunities are growing, our propaganda opportunities are expanding. By the line of our diaspora organizations, by the state line, we can hold any event, any conference in any country. We are doing this and informing the world of the truth. I am sure that a day will come when Armenian criminals, who committed the Khojaly genocide and committed atrocities in the relation to civilians and terminated civilians, will be held accountable. This day will come'.

Then in front of secondary school No 1 built in the quarter of the Khojaly, the head of the state watched the demonstrative performance of strongman Mazahir Gahramanov, listened to ashug music and young performers.

Later the head of the state met the settlement residents.

While congratulating the displaced persons, who received new flats in the settlement, President Ilham Aliyev said:

'Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters. I would like to cordially welcome you. I congratulate you on the commissioning of these houses. Good conditions have been created here. Three five-storied buildings have been built, nine more will also be built. A big settlement will be built so that our countrymen, suffering from occupation and living in bad buildings for many years, to live in good conditions. You know that this is our policy, held throughout many years. As you know, this is our policy, held throughout many years. As you know, the first funds from the State Oil Fund were sent to improve the living conditions of displaced persons at the instruction of great leader Heydar Aliyev.

Since that time and until present tens of thousands of our countrymen were moved to new flats, individual houses. AZN 1,800,000,000 has been spent to address social issues of refugees and displaced persons in the past seven years, 90,000 people are moved to new houses. All tent campuses have been eliminated and conditions created are on such a level. You deserve it. The Azerbaijani state will further do everything possible to create good conditions for people, who suffered from Armenian occupation.

But I have always said that these are places of temporary residence. Once our lands are liberated, we will construct more wonderful buildings there. We will restore all the citizens and return our citizens to their native lands. This day will come, I believe it and I have no doubt. I am sure that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity.

We have been suffering from occupation for many years. Armenian occupational troops occupied our lands and they do not wish to put an end to occupation. Though negotiations are held, they are still ineffective. We, in turn, are trying to settle the issue peacefully. But all the same, we do not rule out all the rest variants. Azerbaijan has consolidated, in the past years it has gone through a very big and glorious way in terms of both economic development and strengthening military potential.

Today we have a strong army, which is capable to liberate our lands from the occupier. This factor is playing a positive role in the negotiation process. However, Armenia’s nonconstructive policy, its nonconstructive position and tactics of protracting negotiations by different ways does not allow settling the issue so far. However, Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity will be restored by all means, our position is advantageous in all international organizations, the norms of international law are on our side. By using all opportunities, we will further continue efforts for the soonest restoration of our territorial integrity.

The Khojaly genocide is one of the most terrible and heavy crimes of the 20th century. It showed the terrific and ugly face of Armenian fascism. Unfortunately, throughout many years world Armenians, their foreign supporters and Armenian lobby were concealing the truth about Khojaly.

The world community was presented not enough information on this issue. Our opportunities were limited, especially in the first years of independence we did not have the opportunity to bring these realities to the attention of the world community. But today the situation is quite different, Azerbaijan has opportunities, has a wide diaspora network. Public organizations, state structures of Azerbaijan publish enough materials about the Khojaly genocide, books are released, conferences and other events are held throughout the world. The world community has been fully informed about the Khojaly genocide. But it is also true that existence of double standards in the world complicates our work.

Double standards are demonstrated in almost every sphere. In some cases we see the unjust attitude to Azerbaijan, international organizations do not pay much attention to events in Armenia. All the same, an insignificant event in Azerbaijan is being exaggerated and attempted to be brought to international community. Double standards are applied in these issues. We know that leaders of other countries are held accountable for crimes in the international military tribunals.

Why do they not convene an international tribunal against previous Armenian leaders, who took a direct part in the Khojaly genocide and whose hands are in the blood of Azerbaijani people, why don’t they become the object of condemnation? The basis of this are double standards, activity of world Armenians, unjust position of their supporters, foreign circles. But justice is on our side. Armenians killed more than 600 civilians, with more than 100 of them children. I would like to repeat that this was one of the most cruel crimes of the 20th century. Khojaly genocide is called like this. Today the growing capacities of Azerbaijan allow us bringing this truth to the world community. We must and will do it. Though this issue is already being discussed in international organizations, legislative bodies, governments of several countries, though the Khojaly genocide is already recognized by the world community, we will continue our efforts in this direction.

As for the resolution of the problems of refugees and displaced persons, the Azerbaijani state will further take steps in this direction. This year we will do more within the framework of the investment program and program of the State Oil Fund. Funds are periodically allocated from the Reserve Fund of the President. These buildings are built from the funds, allocated from the Reserve Fund of the President. Our countrymen should not worry: all houses for displaced persons-both flats and individual houses, will be on the same level. In a  number of cases, they tell us that when we want to move displaced persons from the unfit buildings of sanatoriums and boarding houses, they develop definite thoughts, definite doubts.

There were also the same doubts, when these building were under construction. But now everyone sees that conditions here are at the highest level. So, we must work at the highest level. Earlier we did not have opportunities, we created tent campuses. But it has already been four years that these campuses are removed from the map of Azerbaijan. Such beautiful buildings, individual houses in the center of Goranboy are built in their place.

We will continue this policy, strive for maximal settlement of social problems of refugees. We are seriously dealing with the issues of refugee employment so that to bring the situation in this sphere to a high level.

Dear friends, today I again welcome you cordially and I hope you will live happily in these houses'.

The president also said we know from history that Armenians were moved to our lands, to Karabakh in the 19th century.

'They came as guests, but then starts to put territorial claims against us. We are trying to bring this truth to the world community. Must books have been written recently and many articles published. We bring these realities to the attention of the world community by other means too- this is our land. There is no Karabakh in Armenia, there is no meaning of this word. The main city of Karabakh is Khankendi, rather than Stepanakert. The name Stepanakert originates from the name of the head of the Bolshevik-Armenian band Stepan Shaomyan. So, if the city had a historical name, Armenians would undoubtedly restore it.

All the rest toponyms also reflect the history of the Azerbaijani people. It is not a secret to anyone, merely the world community did not know it. There is an impression that Karabakh, is allegedly a historical Armenian land, and it was passed to Azerbaijan at someone’s instruction in the 1920s. But we all know it is not true. Armenians were deported there by the then rulers of Tsarist Russia from definite regions of Turkey and Iran. This is a historical truth.

The Armenian state, that is current Armenia, was already formed on the ancient Azerbaijani lands. These are our native lands, the lands of our ancestors. Irevan khanate, Zangezur mahal are all Azerbaijani names. Today Armenians admit that Azerbaijanis dominated among the population of Irevan in the early 20th century. There are documents, photos, art works, which prove this. The Armenian state has already been created in Azerbaijan at the agreement of the-then leadership of Azerbaijan. As you know, in 1918 the leadership of the Azerbaijan People’s Republic presented Irevan to Armenians as the capital of Armenia.

Although I think it was a very wrong and intolerable step. And the current story confirms it. If this step was not taken at that time today there will be no Karabakh issue. But then it happened, and historical records confirm this. Well, it happened in the early 20th century. Well,  Armenians are trying to build the second Armenian state in Azerbaijan. We will never allow this. We will restore our territorial integrity. Speaking of that, I mean not only the areas located outside the former administrative borders of Nagorno-Karabakh. No! Nagorno-Karabakh is a land of Azerbaijan. The sovereignty of Azerbaijan has to be ensured.

Flag of Azerbaijan must fly in Shusha, Khankendi. That's our goal. That is why negotiations take so long. We cannot accept half-hearted or inadmissible options about return of several regions and keeping the fate of the rest regions undefined. We will never do it. How can it be? Any trading is ruled out! This is our land, historical land, ancestral land. I would like to repeat that this is confirmed by historical documents. From the standpoint of international law, it is our land.

When Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991 its territorial integrity was recognized by the world community. It was recognized by UN. Azerbaijan joined UN having Nagorno Karabakh inside it and these borders are recognized by all countries. They are recognized even by the states, which provide political, military and economic support to Armenians today. The territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is not the subject of talks. Our aim is the complete recovery of our sovereignty in these regions and this day will come.

Today Armenia cannot catch up with Azerbaijan. The difference between Armenia and Azerbaijan is great. This difference is seen everywhere. In particular, last year and in 2009, during the crisis, Armenia’s economy was subject to 15% decline. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s economic grew 15% in two years. Look, the industrial, economic opportunities, military potential of Azerbaijan are at an incomparable level.

Today our military costs alone equal Armenia’s overall budget and even 50%, 30% more and this gap will further grow. So the time works on us. I am absolutely sure of it. Some foreign observers, foreign circles are trying to persuade us that time is not working on us in order to settle this issue as soon as possible. Only you and me  want this issue to be settled quickly more than others do. No one can want it more than we do. No foreign adviser. But how can we attain this? This is the question.

I am sure that time will come and we will fully restore our sovereignty. We will fly the flag of Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh. We will return to Khojaly and build more beautiful buildings there. By our efforts we must make this time closer'.

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