The cult of mediocrity: How Pashinyan got bronzed

Wed 03 Oct 2018 12:13 GMT | 16:13 Local Time

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News.Az reprints from an article headlined "The cult of mediocrity: How Pashinyan got bronzed" by Akper Hasanov.

The expected news came from Armenia. A sculpture of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, which is called “My step", appeared on Vanadzor-Gyumri highway.

It is still unknown who is the author of the sculpture, reports. Right like that Nikol Pashinyan began his march from Gyumri at the end of March, having passed several marzes in 14 days, and reached Yerevan on April 13.

Thus, we already see that the talk that Pashinyan had become bronzed is an accomplished fact, not just a form of speech. Here I would like to quote the writer Sholokhov. When he was asked if there was a personality cult of Stalin, the Nobel Prize winner calmly replied: “Yes, there was a cult, but there was a personality!”. So in Armenia now there is no personality, but there is a cult. The cult of mediocrity.

An uneducated, not serving in the army, a populist who is ready to repudiate his previous statements and views, has charmed the crowd of Armenian waiters of the political messiah with the voice of the writer Koklyushkin; this is Nikol Pashinyan, who already has sculptures. What is next cast in bronze? The beard of Nikola, his baseball cap or jersey, in which he came to the Yerevan hotel to meet with Serzh Sargsyan?

By the way, the unwashed T-shirt of the famous French football player Zinedine Zidane, in which he scored two goals during the final match of the 1998 World Cup between France and Brazil, was put up for auction in Paris. As evidenced by the catalog of the auction house Drouot, which will be held on Saturday, October 13, the organizers of the auction are planning to bail out from 20-40 thousand euros for the lot.

The shirt of Pashinyan, too, most likely has not been washed since he climbed the political Olympus. And if you sell it now, while Nikol is in the trend, then someone from the Armenian nouveau riche living outside the Republic of Armenia may well roll out for her even more than for Zidan's shirt. After 5-10 years it will not cost anything. Politicians such as the current Prime Minister of Armenia, being protégés of their puppeteers, briefly linger on the political scene.

Vovaevich himself understands this perfectly well. Hence, the desire in the shortest possible time to acquire the largest possible number of attributes of luxurious life. And the watch for $ 25,000 from this temporary worker is one of the evidence that the usual sybarite is hidden under the guise of a fighter for the welfare of the people. In addition, forced to satisfy the serious appetites and ambitions of the spouse. The same one that is already positioning as the “dove of peace” and the diamond gatherer of the wives of the Armenian oligarchs.

She, by the way, has not yet erected a monument or even a sculpture. I think that Anna Hakobyan will not allow Nikol Pashinyan to bronze alone. And therefore, it is quite possible that soon we will see a monument to this lady at the highest place in Yerevan, in the guise of the Motherland. Over time, there will also be a prisobachit and a monument to Nikola. In the role of the fatherland. And then, everything will be almost according to Gaidar:

Steamboats are sailing - hello to Pashinyan!
Pilots fly by - hello to Pashinyan!
The locomotives will run - hello to Pashinyan!
And the pioneers will pass - Pashinyan's salute!

And Armenian schoolchildren will study in the modern history the biography of Vovaevich, naturally the same fabulous as the biography of Lenin, studied in Soviet schools. I admit that a particularly zealous Armenian historian will even declare that he studied the structure of Nicol’s brain and found that there are several more convolutions there than in the average person. In addition, about nowhere and never served Pashinyan, may well create stories. They say, "in fact, he fought, but he was silent about this for a long time." And the evidence of "colleagues" will also be found. There are also “colleagues” with the son of Pashinyan, who in reality depicts service on the front line, in reality, he cools himself in comfort.

And the songs about Nikol can begin to be composed. And artists will find work. It will be necessary to perpetuate Vovaevich in the guise of a Roman patrician. How is he worse than the ex-prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka,?! In a word, the Armenian championship on licensing has been declared open. The winner will have personal praise from Pashinyan, which he may announce from the podium during the next rally. Shouts of "Hurray" and tossing hats into the air are guaranteed. This is all that which is the attributes of the “new Armenia”, about which the newly-minted Prime Minister of the occupying country likes to talk about.




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