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NewsBlaze: Armenia’s PM Nikol Pashinyan should be persona non grata in Los Angeles

2019.09.21 18:36 GMT

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan should be persona non grata in Los Angeles, reads an article by the US journalist and publicist Nurit Greenger, published by the NewsBlaze newspaper, Trend reports.

Why corruption becomes an integral part of Armenian reality

2019.07.16 18:38 GMT

News.Az reprints from Vestnik Kavkaza an article headlined "Why corruption becomes an integral part of Armenian reality".

Azerbaijani Muslim who saved thousands of Jews from Holocaust

2019.04.29 19:03 GMT

News.Az reprints from "Jewish Journal" an article headlined "Azerbaijani Muslim who saved thousands of Jews from Holocaust" by Milikh Yevdayev.

Richard Giragosian: It’s not only the public that needs to be prepared for peace, but the politicians too

2019.03.07 15:31 GMT

Amid talk of the need to prepare public opinion for an eventual peace over Nagorno-Karabakh, in this op-ed for, Richard Giragosian, the head of a leading think tank in Yerevan, questions recent statements by some Armenian politicians.

Black January of Azerbaijan to Kashmir’s Pellet Horror

2019.01.20 13:09 GMT

News,Az reprints from Pakistan-based "DND" online newspaper an article headlined "Black January of Azerbaijan to Kashmir’s Pellet Horror" by Sahibzasa M. Saeed.

L'Opinione: Nagorno-Karabakh, the light of hope

2019.01.08 20:37 GMT

An article by Domenico Letizia, titled "Nagorno-Karabakh, the light of hope" dedicated to the Azerbaijani Community of the Nagorno-Karabakh Region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was published in the L'Opinione newspaper, one of the leading media outlets in Italy, on January 7, 2019.

NATO: Baku is ‘perfect venue’ for talking to Russia

2018.12.17 17:04 GMT

News.Az reprints from Euroactiv an article headlined "NATO: Baku is ‘perfect venue’ for talking to Russia" by Georgi Gotev.

The Parliament Magazine: A thaw in the South Caucasus

2018.12.13 18:34 GMT

News.Az reprints from The Parliament Magazine an article headlined "A thaw in South Caucasus" by Sajjad Karim, the chair of European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with the South Caucasus.

Special Expo 2025. Ambassador Ahmadzada: The candidacy of Baku, jewel of the Caspian Sea

2018.11.14 16:34 GMT

On November 23, in Paris, the 164th General Assembly of the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) will choose the host city of the 2025 Universal Exhibition. Three candidates are in competition: Baku (Azerbaijan), Osaka (Japan) and Ekaterinburg (Russia). A few days before the final response, Scenari Internazionali hosts exclusively the contributions made by the diplomatic representatives in Italy of the three countries involved, which will present the strengths of the respective candidates to the Italian public. News.Az presents an article written by the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Italy, Mammad Ahmadzada for Scenari Internazionali.

Opinion: Do California legislators support militarism & terrorism?

2018.09.26 04:34 GMT

"A steady stream of 100,000 or so Armenians leaves Armenia permanently every year"

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