21 April 2014 | 19:57
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Turkish FM once again speaks about joint commission with Armenians

Sat 22 September 2012 05:45 GMT | 10:45 Local Time

Turkish FM reiterated his government’s position that it would like to set up a joint commission with Armenians to discuss the 1915 events.

His remarks came as he arrived in Canada to open the monument to Col. Atilla Altikat who was killed 30 years ago allegedly by Armenian terrorists, ctvnews.ca reports.

“If Canada wants to contribute to the Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, the best way is to contribute in forming joint commissions, speaking with both sides about a fair and just memory and working together,” said Turkish FM adding that it was “unacceptable” for a nation to be accused of Genocide.

His Canadian counterpart John Baird did not back away from his government’s earlier position but said the dialogue is necessary.


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