Azerbaijan is not a EU member and it has no obligations before this structure

Mon 11 Feb 2013 08:33 GMT | 12:33 Local Time

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There are forces in the West that are not interested in the independent development of Azerbaijan but our state will never tolerate undesirable processes in the country.

The statement came from deputy chief, chief of the department of foreign affairs of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan Novruz Mammadov, commenting on the statement of EU officials on the arrest of oppositionists Tofiq Yagublu and Ilgar Mammadov.

“The rapid development of Muslim Azerbaijan, independent foreign and domestic policy, certainly, create concerns among certain circles in Europe and worldwide. They seek to instigate events in Azerbaijan similar to those which occurred in other countries.

Therefore, as soon as any insignificant event occurs in our country, there is a flow of statements. It breeds an impression that these circles consider it their duty to say something negative about our country”, Mammadov said.

He continued that the same forces do not show the due reaction to the events ongoing in other countries of the region.

“There has recently been an attempted murder of a presidential candidate in Armenia… Or let’s take the recent events in Georgia, for some reason, no one makes a statement or voices concern about this issue, but as soon as an insignificant event occurs in our country, there starts an unhealthy rush in Europe”, Mammadov said.

The official of the presidential administration characterized the statement of EU Commissioner Fule about Ilgar Mammadov and Tofiq Yagubov’s arrest as biased and unreasoned.

“He made the statement about it without taking deeper into the case. But I have to note that Europe which is going through the most terrible economic crisis over past decades does not know the way out of this situation.

All the same, probably, this is also a reason why some European structures make different statements and adopt thoughtless decisions. This circumstance astonishes us”, Mammadov said.

He noted that Mammadov and Yagublu arrived in Ismayilli on the night of 24 January.

“They came there to influence the events and use them in the necessary direction”.

Therefore, like in any other country, investigation had some questions to these people and their actions are being investigated. The investigation process continues and certainly, their actions will be given a legal assessment-only after this it would be possible to make assessments.

“Meanwhile, any biased statements now can be viewed only as a pressure on investigation”, Mammadov said.

He reminded that while meeting the speaker of the Armenian parliament in January, Fule said that EU wishes the further development of cooperation between Armenia and Russia.

“What does this mean? These countries are already cooperating very close.

But when speaking about our country, Fule and other EU officials make negative statements.

Fule is aware of the level of ties between EU and Azerbaijan. Therefore, before making such statements, he and other EU officials should better think about the implications and that these statements cast shadow on our relations”, Mammadov said.

“We want to say again that we do not accept such statements and cannot agree with them.

In addition, Azerbaijan is not a EU member and has no obligations before this structure”, he said.

Mammadov said that the states and organizations tend to become more aggressive in times of crisis.

"These crises in the last century led to world wars and despite the fact that today the threat of beginning of classical world wars is not there, in some countries people are dying again, and there are refugees.

But in view of the fact that at the present time, the possibilities for occupation, colonization of foreign territories have been exhausted, other, more sophisticated options are used to capture the resources of some countries," said Mammadov.

"Mr Fule, rather than making comments to our country, you should consider how to get the EU out of the crisis, because the blame for the current situation lies with him as the commissioner. After all, it is these mistakes in enlargement policy that have led to the fact that a big gap occurred between the West and East European countries. These mistakes led to the crisis," he stressed.

According to him, the economic collapse of the EU has been predicted even by George Soros - the mastermind of many revolutions.

"I will say more - today the EU has faced not only economic, but also a diplomatic and political crisis.

Mr Fule, expressing concern on various issues in our country, could have at least once spoken of the fate of one million refugees and about the Khojaly genocide. Is this not a manifestation of double standards?" wonders the deputy head of the Presidential Administration.

Referring to the Azerbaijani-Russian relations, Mammadov said that there was no tension between the two countries as some media and circles want to describe.

"Azerbaijan and Russia continue active cooperation in various fields, in the spirit of friendship and good-neighbourliness. Late last year, the sides failed to reach an agreement on extending the lease of the Gabala radar station, but apparently, Russia itself was not interested in its further exploitation. I can say that this issue had no impact on our relationship," he said.

Expressing his attitude to the campaign of collecting signatures for a petition for Khojaly genocide on the White House's website, Mammadov said that "this is a very complex issue, because it is impossible to predict what steps President Obama will make, if the document receives the required number of votes".





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