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French Embassy in Azerbaijan releases statement on visa application terms

Thu 20 September 2012 10:29 GMT | 15:29 Local Time

The French Embassy in Azerbaijan has released a statement on the term of application for visas.

The term for viewing applications for short-term Schengen visa (stay for less than 90 days) to France and five countries that the Embassy offers visa to – Belgium, Spain, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Portugal is as follows:

- Ordinary passports: five business days without concession (all required documents must be submitted);

-Diplomatic and business passports: two days without concession (all required documents must be submitted)

Depending on complexity of application, consideration of long term visa application (above 90 days) can take up to 15 days, Gun.Az reports.

The term of long and short-term visa applications for ordinary passports doesn’t cover the meeting for submission of documents.

Submission of visa application for diplomatic and business passports depends on a prior meeting with a holder of the passport.

The work schedule of the French Embassy in Azerbaijan can be viewed in its official website.


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