17 April 2014 | 17:29
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Defence Industry Ministry to produce 5,000 'Kalashnikovs'

Sat 15 September 2012 06:46 GMT | 11:46 Local Time

Azerbaijan has started producing Kalashnikov assault rifle AKS-74U.

The statement came from Defence Industry Minister Yavar Jamalov in his response to Gun.Az.

He noted that by the end of the year, the Azerbaijani Defence Industry Ministry will submit 5,000 Kalashnikov weapons to the Defence Ministry.

It's considered to produce 12,000 weapons next year.

The minister said that there are orders from abroad to buy Istiqlal anti-material rifle, and negotiations in this connection are underway with Turkey and other countries.

Jamalov added that 60 UAV's will be produced this year.


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