21 April 2014 | 02:12
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'The one who must apologize is Armenia'

Mon 10 September 2012 05:48 GMT | 10:48 Local Time
Davud Turan

The US senator doesn’t put forth a correct position and his approach to the issue is wrong.

Chairman of the South Azerbaijan Social and Cultural Studies Centre, political scientist Davud Turan has told the statement to Gun.Az from the US, while commenting on the strict criticism of US Senator Robert Menendez regarding the pardon of Ramil Safarov by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

"The senator should be reminded that what apology he can talk about when Armenia killed so many peaceful residents in Karabakh and committed atrocities in Khojaly and we never once heard any strict criticism from the US.

Today Armenia continues its aggressive policy in the region and in addition, poses threat to US interests in the region. Every day, people get wounded and killed by the shootings of the Armenian army. Why don't international structures say anything as a response to these acts of the Armenia state? The only side who must apologize in this issue is Armenia," the political scientist noted.



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