'New generation must replace current opposition leaders'

Fri 13 May 2011 02:14 GMT | 06:14 Local Time

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News.Az interviews Siyavush Novruzov, the parliamentary and deputy executive secretary of the New Azerbaijan party.

Azerbaijani opposition representatives seek to hold anti-government protests, discussing on par the coordination of efforts and even uniting for the sake of common goals. May these tendencies in opposition make the anti-government movement stronger?

People are well-familiar with these parties and their positions. First of all, any unification is out of the question, since each oppositionist shows excessive ambitions. On the other hand, they cannot refer to people’s interests, since the state is dealing seriously with the interests of people and tackling their social and other problems. Meanwhile, a normal political organization usually provides its own alternative proposals, which we do not see from our opposition. It has seen no changes since the 1990’s. And now it has the same thoughts, shows the same conduct and the same outlook. For this reason, I believe that these parties… though hardly can I call them ‘parties’, practically, there are just one or two of such, while the rest are just their branches. These unifications must see major changes, current activists must step aside and give their place to a new generation and build new relations. Now every day that those people remain on these positions deals a great blow to the organizations they represent.

In this view, these parties have no future. They and their leaders have no popular trust. Therefore, I have to repeat that if those people in the parties really love their party and want to be of use for the country, one of the best ways to reach this is to distance those people from leading positions inside the parties.

At the same time, it must be admitted that representatives of younger generation have recently joined the opposition movement, showing activeness including in social networks. Does the ruling party take it as a threat?

No, there is no threat about it. These young people are just their (oppositionists’) close relatives. Some of them were influenced by definite powers while studying abroad, while the rest part of Azerbaijani youth are active in the sociopolitical life of the country and express their position on any issue, while being involved in spreading the truth about Azerbaijan.

In other words, those people you mentioned are rather searching for some negative facts and spreading them in the world instead of advocating Azerbaijani realities. Thus, they serve to well-known goals.

Some say the recently launched fight against corruption is temporary. What can you say about it?

I do not agree. This campaign was launched not in the beginning of the year. It has always been held seriously in Azerbaijan. As you have mentioned, it was just the issue of public involvement in the combat that was added to the agenda just earlier this year.

What is it? No state would ever want to have corruption or other negative events or see human rights violated inside the country.  The state encourages protection of human rights. So, all speculations on this issue are senseless. There are negative facts as well, but it is impossible to control every person. We do not deny that there are such negative facts. But such facts are recorded even in the EU, and the United States has seen many of these. There are plenty of examples.

On the other hand, Azerbaijan is fighting this event and will continue it even further.

Leyla Tagiyeva



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