24 April 2014 | 05:39
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Baku regrets lack of world's reaction to military exercise in occupied lands

Wed 29 August 2012 07:01 GMT | 12:01 Local Time
Elman Abdullayev

Military exercises in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan reflect the aggressiveness of Yerevan and its reluctance to settle the Karabakh conflict.

The statement came from spokesman for the Foreign Ministry Elman Abdullayev.

"The fact that the exercises in the world recognized part of Azerbaijani territory are held directly by Armenia speaks for itself", he said noting that the world community is still indifferent to such actions of the Armenian party.

"After this, the world community speaks about justice", Abdullayev said.

He added that in September, the Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers may meet at the opening of the UN General Assembly.


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