20 April 2014 | 18:49
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Iran's nuclear issue has diplomatic solution, Russia says

Fri 21 September 2012 07:17 GMT | 12:17 Local Time

Iran's nuclear issue can only be resolved through political and diplomatic tools, Russia Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich said.

He made the remarks in response to an IRNA correspondent.

'Recent statement of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about Iran's nuclear program proved that diplomatic approach is fruitful in case of Iran's nuclear program.'

The high-ranking official added that the released statement can provide a better background for continuation of talks between Iran and G5+1 in the future.

'Talks between Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Saeed Jalili and EU Foreign Policy chief, Catherine Ashton in Istanbul proved that claims about the halt of negotiations between Tehran and other sides was nothing more than a propaganda.'

Lukashevich underlined that since negotiations can prevent the use of other options in case of Iran's nuclear issue, Russia welcomes any kind of talks.


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