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Georgia waiting for concrete steps from Russia

Mon 10 December 2012 08:41 GMT | 13:41 Local Time

Georgian side comments on Lavrov's statement.

Georgia is waiting for concrete steps in the process of restoring relations with the neighbor - this is how the Georgian authorities have commented on the recent statement by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said on Sunday that Moscow would host a meeting with the Georgian prime minister`s special representative in the near future.

Russian Foreign Minister defined that Moscow and Tbilisi were clarifying relations and Russia aimed to make it out what the Georgian government means while emphasizing the need of normalization with Russia.

He also said that Russia had never refused to have contacts with Georgia and was always prepared for compromise.
Russian senior diplomat did not rule out discussion of restoring permanent direct air communication with Georgia.

Russian president`s press secretary has also touched the issue of Georgia-Russia relations. Dmitri Peskov did not rule out official contacts with Georgia, however, ruled out contact with one person, arguably meaning Saakashvili. In this direction, Peskov hopes the negotiations would develop positively.


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