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Agricultural products up over 6% this year

Sat 15 September 2012 06:46 GMT | 11:46 Local Time

This year until 1 September, 2,616,2m tonnes of products were harvested from sowing areas of grain-crops and leguminous plants.

Of the areas, 99.7% or 993,200 hectares were sown, Gun.Az reports, referring to the State Statistical Committee.

Crop produced from each hectare increased averagely by 1.6 quintals and made up 26.3 quintals. In addition, 58,600 tonnes of crops were harvested from 13,400 hectares of corn field.

Since the beginning of harvesting, 706,800 tonnes of potatoes (18,200 tonnes more against the same period of the last year), 968,000 tonnes of vegetable (6,000 tonnes more), 331,400 tonnes of fruit and berries (35,600 tonnes more), 396,800 tonnes of garden products (45,300 tonnes more), 31,600 tonnes of grapes (7,600 tonnes more),  395,400 tonnes of green tea leaves (1,900 tonnes less), 16,900 tonnes of sunflower (1,900 tonnes more) and 2,500 tonnes of tobacco (400 tonnes more) were harvested.

During this period, 295,500 tonnes or 3.4% more meat in live weight, 1,145,8m tonnes of milk (7.0% more), 794,1m eggs (19.5% more) and 15,000 tonnes of wool (1.6% more) were produced.

Thus, compared to the last year, crop products have increased by 7.6%, livestock products by 5.6% and agricultural products by 6.7%.


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