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Azerbaijani wine exported to Europe

Wed 22 September 2010 06:09 GMT | 11:09 Local Time

Shamkir’s vineyards gave rich crops and 8 sorts of grapes were planted in the region.

Grape plantations were created in Shamkir at an area of over 100 hectares this year. Like in all previous years, the Shamkir farmers have given preference to technical sorts this year. For example, eight sorts of grapes were planted in Sharg Ulduzu, all of them are intended for wine production. 3 sorts are local and 5 are foreign.

According to the farmers, this year the crops will be bigger than last year. The reason is a more stable weather. Currently Shamkir exports wine not only to the Russian but also to the leading European markets.

There is a plan to expand vineyards in the region in the future. The preference will mostly be given to the sorts of grapes used for wine production.

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