$11.4 bn spent on Shah Deniz-1 project

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SOCAR conducts 2D seismic survey on an onshore structure

30.10.2014 14:25 GMT

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) conducts 2D seismic survey on an onshore structure.

New underpass built in Baku

30.10.2014 13:30 GMT

The length of the underpass is 88 m.

Poles want to lay tram tracks in Baku

30.10.2014 12:39 GMT

The countries may begin the cooperation.

Hungarian WizzAir Company refuses to implement winter flights to Azerbaijan

30.10.2014 12:02 GMT

Hungarian WizzAir refused to resume Baku-Budapest flights this year, said the Azerbaijan Airlines spokesman Maharram Safarli.

Russia’s Taimyr air company suspends flights to Azerbaijan

30.10.2014 10:37 GMT

The company does not agree with AZAL’s offer.

Azerbaijan and Turkey to increase trade turnover to $15-20 bln

30.10.2014 10:12 GMT

“Trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Turkey can increase to $15-20 bln”, said the Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ismail Alper Coskun at the Azerbaijan-Turkish business forum.

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey work on joint travel rout

30.10.2014 07:49 GMT

The Annual consultative Forum on “Cultural routs of the Council of Europe: intercultural dialogue and cultural tourism in the name of social stability” started in Baku and will last for two days.

Azeri Light oil price increases in world markets

30.10.2014 06:45 GMT

The price of a barrel of Azeri Light crude oil has increased $0.52 to stand at $89.35 in the world markets.

IMF: economic growth to fall below 4% in Azerbaijan

29.10.2014 13:34 GMT

IMF expects the economic growth in Azerbaijan to fall below 4%.

SOCAR rejects export of gasoline to Kazakhstan

29.10.2014 12:31 GMT

"We have no free volumes of gasoline for export."

Azerbaijan and Turkey to extend gas pipeline and railway to Nakchchivan

29.10.2014 12:00 GMT

The countries use their economic potential for the development of the region.

Azerbaijan ranks at 80th in Doing Business 2015 rankings

29.10.2014 10:37 GMT

Azerbaijan has ranked at the 80th in Doing Business 2015 rankings prepared by the World Bank and International Financial Corporation among 189 countries.

Project and Innovation Management Center to be opened in Baku

29.10.2014 10:12 GMT

The Projects and Innovations Management Center will be opened in Baku in the Azerbaijan Technical University (ATU).

Azerbaijani businessmen invited to investment forum in Kazakhstan

29.10.2014 08:50 GMT

Kazakhstan will host international investment forum.

SOCAR opens new filling station in Ukraine

28.10.2014 13:58 GMT

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) expands its filling station network in Ukraine.

5-6 banks may be shut down in Azerbaijan

28.10.2014 13:24 GMT

“There is no problem for depositors and clients.”

AZAL to increase number of flights to Tel-Aviv

28.10.2014 13:10 GMT

Azerbaijan Airlines will increase the number of regular flights to Tel-Aviv beginning from December 9, 2014.

Interest rates on business loans to be single-digit in near future

28.10.2014 12:54 GMT

Personal savings in the banks have increased by 9% since early 2014, said the chairman of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan Elman Rustamov, APA reports.

Traffic to be restricted in Baku

28.10.2014 11:30 GMT

Traffic will be restricted in central streets of Baku.

IMF, WB to start assessing Azerbaijan's financial sector in 2015

27.10.2014 14:13 GMT

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will start the second assessment of financial sector of Azerbaijan in March, 2015, said the head of IMF mission to Azerbaijan Raja Almarzoqi.

ERRA chairman about transportation of Azeri gas to European market

27.10.2014 11:47 GMT

Access of countries like Azerbaijan, which have natural gas reserves, to Europe is one of our significant objectives.

Deputy does not see need to increase the price of gas and electricity

27.10.2014 10:30 GMT

"But the decline in oil prices can create problems."

AZAL starts flights on Baku-Bishkek-Baku route

27.10.2014 10:11 GMT

The Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) has launched direct flights on Baku-Bishkek-Baku route, AzerTAg reports.

Azerbaijan may take part in establishment of United Space Research Institute

27.10.2014 08:25 GMT

Azerbaijan decided to take part in establishment of the United Space Research Institute.

AZAL to increase number of Baku-New York-Baku flights

27.10.2014 07:08 GMT

AZAL is to increase the number of Baku-New York-Baku flights.

New park to be laid in Baku

27.10.2014 06:15 GMT

The work in one part of the park has been completed.

Azerbaijan switches to winter time

27.10.2014 05:05 GMT

According to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, Azerbaijan switched to winter time today, on October 26, 2014, by turning clocks back an hour at 05.00.

Azerbaijani-Turkish Business Forum to be held in Baku on October 30

25.10.2014 07:18 GMT

The Azerbaijani-Turkish Business Forum will be held in Baku on October 30.

Azerbaijan considers its withdrawal from EITI

25.10.2014 05:00 GMT

"The Azerbaijani government does not intend to put up with that pressure."

Official distributor of Volkswagen cars in Azerbaijan violates antitrust laws

25.10.2014 03:43 GMT

Official distributor of Volkswagen cars in Azerbaijan has violated the antitrust laws.

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