17 April 2014 | 23:33
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White House asks Turkey to open Armenia border for Syrian Armenians

Tue 08 January 2013 05:45 GMT | 10:45 Local Time

Petition urges Turkey to open border for Syrian Armenians.

A petition has launched on the U.S. President Barack Obama administration web page, urging Turkey to open the border with Armenia, at least for refugees from Syria.

“More than 60.000 people have been killed in Syria war. 500.000 refugees have escaped from war and death...Yet many millions are unable to do that.

Only few air companies still fly there and tickets are strongly limited. People mostly flee Syria by buses and cars.

There are 200.000 Syria-based ethnic Armenians; most of them willing to escape to Armenia where they can feel safe, comfortable, with accommodation, employment and education opportunities provided.

Тhe road from Syria to Armenia goes through Turkey which closed its border with Armenia in 1993. It causes a big problem for Armenian refugees.

Thus, we are kindly asking to urge Turkey to open the land border with Armenia (at least, for refugees) without any preconditions.

There should be no closed borders in the 21 century,” the petition reads.


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