18 April 2014 | 10:29
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Georgian old woman turned off Armenia’s internet

Wed 06 April 2011 04:09 GMT | 09:09 Local Time

A Georgian old woman is accused of damaging cable connecting Armenia to the Internet.

Zurab Gvenetadze, spokesperson for the Georgian Internal Ministry, said 75-aged woman was released, an investigation is underway. She is charged with damage to property.

According to him, the woman pleaded guilty. She confessed that was looking for copper near the village of Ksani on March 28 and damaged fiber optic cable owned by Georgian Railway Telecom company.  

Cable owned by Georgian Railway Telecom company is connecting eastern Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the internet.

On March 28, almost all Armenia was left without internet caused by a damage of two internet cables connecting the country to the global network.


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