'Russia not interested in publicizing Gabala radar operation wave and force'

Wed 11 January 2012 12:01 GMT | 17:01 Local Time

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'Azerbaijan has several times appealed to Russia concerning the assessment of the impact of Gabala radar station on the environment.

According to the agreement, a working group is to be established to assess jointly the impact of the radar station on the environment. But they have never given information about the working time, wave and force of the station’s operation. Russia has never made such a statement,' director of the Radiation Problems Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Adil Garibov said, APA reports.

He said Russia is not interested in publicizing these details as it is a military secret.

'According to these data, foreign states can calculate the zone of influence of Gabala radar station and withdraw their objects from these territories. Anyway, these issues should at least be investigated with the military experts of Azerbaijani Defense Ministry and the impact of Gabala radar station on the environment should be publicized though in general,' he said.

Director of the institute said Azerbaijan intended to raise cost of Gabala radar’s lease from 7 million AZN to 15 million.

'Russia promised to reconstruct and modernize the radar station, but it has not still clarified what it will do exactly. The term of lease expires in the end of 2012. If Russia reconstructs and reinforces the radar station in Gabala, its environmental consequences should also be assessed and after that the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources should make statement on it. The assessment document should be submitted to Azerbaijan. I consider that the environmental consequences of reconstruction and modernization, as well as its possible effect on the nearby regions should be reassessed'.

Garibov said his institute researched the environment of Gabala radar many times.

'We conducted measuring around it in the past two years, but we didn’t identify any dangerous settlement. I am one of the persons demanding closing of Gabal radar station, but unfortunately our joint expedition with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources didn’t identify any abnormal effect.

But we didn’t specify the station works or doesn’t work while conducting measuring. This researching work didn’t depend on the station. We would like to conduct measuring in accordance with mutual agreement, when the station operates in the most intensive regime. Only then we can say that Gabala radar station is not dangerous'.




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