Iranian authorities shut down Iranian House of Cinema

Mon 09 January 2012 06:17 GMT | 11:17 Local Time

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Iran cracks down on film industry.

Iran's regime has fired the opening shot in a cultural war on the film industry as the Islamic leadership seeks to curtail the one artistic field that has maintained an international following.

Officials issued a notice shutting down Tehran's House of Cinema, an institute that promotes Iranian-made films.

The ministry of culture and Islamic guidance said that its bodies would assume oversight of the industry after the centre is wound up.

"The House of Cinema has received a notice from the Ministry of Culture that the organisation is illegal and must be dissolved as an entity," said Farhad Toohid, the chief executive officer.

Pro-regime newspapers and television stations have directed a barrage of criticism at the film industry in recent weeks, highlighting claims that the House of Cinema was a haven of low moral standards.

Actors and directors protests at the growing government encroachment on Facebook and across the internet.

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