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Meeting held to coordinate orbital slots for Azersat

Mon 16 November 2009 17:28 GMT | 22:28 Local Time

The satellite is slated for launch in December 2011.

The Radio Frequency Office (RFO) under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan took part in the first coordination meeting on the orbital slots for the country’s national communications satellite - Azersat.

Ilham Efendiev, chief engineer of the RFO, said Azeri and Kazakh delegations exchanged views in Astana (Kazakhstan) on the coordination of Azersat and Kazsat

According to him, there is a need for coordination of Azersat’s orbital slot degrees with 30 countries.

The coordination meetings are held at the request of the International Telecommunication Union to determine the orbital slot degrees where Azersat will be located.

The satellite is slated for launch in December 2011.

The satellite launch is estimated to cost nearly $160 million.

Of this, about $87 million will go to manufacturing, $16 million to main and auxiliary management systems, $40 million to the launch of our satellite into orbit and $18 million to insurance costs. It is a commercial project and expected to return costs in 5-7 years.

Azerbaijan will use only 20% of this satellite’s capacity and rent excess capacity to other countries. 40% of the capacity has already been given to Malaysia.

Orbital Sciences Corporation is a Dulles, Virginia company which specializes in satellite launch and manufacture.

Azerbaijan has leased two orbital slots to orbit two satellites – AzerSpace and AzerSat.

The country’s TV broadcasts are being transmitted through satellites of other countries at present.

Azerbaijan’s satellite will deliver broadcasting services though a broader area covering the entire Europe (excluding Scandinavia) and half of Asia with most of Kazakhstan.

Support to Azerbaijan is given by Silk Sat Programme initiated by Russian academic Roald Sagdeyev residing in the US. Silk-Sat project stipulates creation of single satellite system of the Silk Route countries with financing by the US and Russia


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