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Mubariz Ibrahimov’s heroic action receives high appraisal of the state

Fri 23 July 2010 15:24 GMT | 20:24 Local Time
Mubariz Ibrahimov

On the night of June 19 Ibrahimov killed four occupants.

Head of the association of military journalists Uzeir Jafarov is happy about president’s yesterday order to grant the title of the national hero to national army ensign Mubariz Ibrahimov for the heroism demonstrated while resisting attacks of Armenian occupants in the direction of the Chayli village of Terter, Azerbaijan.

On the night of June 19 Ibrahimov killed four occupants and injured five, one of whom is not in coma. The hero was shot dead from the back. Ibrahimov’s body has not yet been returned to the Azerbaijani side,

“The heroic step of the Azerbaijani serviceman received a high appraisal of the state. I only regret that the heroism of many other Azerbaijani soldiers and officers who sacrificed their lives for protection of homeland in fights for Karabakh were not praised so highly”, Jafarov said.

There are some unclear moments in the statement of the Defense Ministry about the armed incident near the Chayli village which causes concerns and the need for clarification. The reasons why Ibrahimov’s body was near the Armenian positions and whether Ibrahimov’s actions were sanctioned by the command will be clarified”, Jafarov added.

“If ensign Ibrahimov has passed the fire line voluntarily to revenge the enemy, he could be captured and provide important information about his current and previous service in other kinds of troops through torture. Why did Ibrahimov fight Armenians alone?”, the military expert said. Azerbaijan’s official structures must clarify these issues.

“Anyway, the ensign made a heroic step and it was right to grant the title of the national hero to him. But Ibrahimov’s body has not yet been buried and the duty of our state and international organizations is to receive the body of the soldier and bury him”, Jafarov said.

On July 22 President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to perpetuate the memory of Azerbaijan’s National Hero Mubariz Ibrahimov. The Cabinet of Ministers is empowered to ensure the naming of one of the secondary schools of Bilesuvar after Mubariz Ibrahimov and the executive powers of Bilesuvar are empowered to ensure the naming of one of the streets after Mubariz Ibrahimov.

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